I love singing and almost even more I love voices. Analysing voices, being able to understand voices, correcting voices, freeing voices!

Vocal pedagogy played an important role even before I started studying. After I had experienced how modifiable a voice can be, I wanted to learn how to teach it. Many books, my own experiences, sitting in on classes with various teachers, vocal methodology lessons with Irmhild Wicking and Professor Thomas Heyer, as well as further training with Judith Lindenbaum have led to my teaching style to date, which is constantly evolving.

The main focus of my teaching is the teaching of a singing technique that is based primarily on the coordination and strengthening of vocal-specific muscles, so that the student can develop their full musical potential.

If you are interested in singing lessons, feel free to contact me.


Since summer 2019 Florian Conze is a student member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Gesangspädagogen (Federal Association of German Singing Teachers).




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